communication anti sapiens

homo sapiens ?

consistent damage !
and helping to harm !
training to harm !

so we have
unfortunately here on
just a nuisance

that this even feeds to the harm
drinking water at his disposal
take all medical measures
that it would help

only this paranoid harm
be welcome !

our cosmic community

no values ​​what so ever

from this worthless people
got this perfect organized world crime
brought about this total anti humanization

where competing organized criminal groups
the people have to compete with it to death
which guarantee the destruction of the world
so all these harmful
fly one day

because nobody needs anything else
like a trust in one

future worthy of man
in a meaning in life

and not this mentally handicapped
consumption fueling this capital crime

where also

Predator rights guaranteed
so these eating orgies

those who eat their victims alive
just like all these cannibals
of this dehumanization

those with predatory animals guarding every person
to be bored to death

where there is no healthy nourishment
since neither the land is re fertilized
nor are there enough wild animals
since it was eaten away

of this
libertarian idiot crooks order
which must be ended in any case
otherwise no people are secure
in this universe

galactic university

they are perverted souls

who can not even have a mind
because everything they see and do
not even legal

eg ... since 1949 the inalienable
and inviolable fundamental rights
not even actionable

let alone existing !

one can therefore assume
that all of these are not even sane

and what we see is not a constitutional order
but everything could not be more wrong

for example
those medicine men in every ill house
are no one helping

and those pharmaceutical drug bosses
ready for all this harming poisoning

for example cancer is not a disease at all
but only a symptom of a disease

and that is a metabolic disorder
where the cells used oxygen
suddenly do no more

because of the metabolism
just switched to fermentation
and through this anarchy

these cells can then forget all the others
and only think of themselves and their reproduction

dr otto warburg started the whole thing after 1920
discovered it ... with the nobel prize of 1931
and now just imagine yourself !

medical professionals today still do not know this
meanwhile ... even some medical research today
for example in taiwan looking into this
and found right

could people tolerate something like that
and take part in competition?

only some monsters can do that
functioning as robots

without any conscience ...

galactic foundation

this billion problem

is guaranteeing problem rights
but no human rights

and as everyone can see
there being no future in sight

because with only problems
you can never achieve anything else
only death by no motivation

if so
climate tilt right guarantees
dr medizin butschering rights

pharmaceutical drugs poisoning rights
fields leaching out rights

and no human rights !

then everyone will
notice this one day
and lose all hope

and then if it should be too late
then it be too late for

to guaranteeing human rights

so a public truth
and no satanic delusion

galactic central information